Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important at Family Service Thames Valley. We adhere strictly to the privacy standards established by relevant legislation (Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act). 

Basic information is collected such as name, address, date of birth. Information relevant to your treatment plan is collected to provide needed client care. This may include information impacting your current mental health such as physical health, family history, life events, experiences, or other information to inform your care.

Privacy Protection and Limits

Information is stored on a password protected secure server. Only authorized personnel may access your information for prescribed and limited purposes. Controls are maintained to prevent and detect unauthorized access. If there is a breach or suspected breach, you will be informed.

Your written consent is required to share information with other professionals, hospitals, agencies and schools who are involved in the care, education or treatment. 

The law requires us to share information with authorities in exceptional circumstances such as suspected cases of abuse, neglect, or imminent harm to self or others. A court may also subpoena your records if it is relevant to a court case. Your consent is not required in such situations.

Retention and Destruction

Information is retained for ten years from the last appointment and then securely deleted or destroyed. For younger clients, the ten year retention begins at the age of 18.

Privacy Officer

Respecting privacy is critical for clients to feel safe at Family Service Thames Valley and we treat it seriously. Our Privacy Officer is available to address questions, concerns or a complaint. Our Privacy Officer can be reached by email at or by phoning 519-433-0183 and asking for the Privacy Officer.

The Privacy Officer can also assist if a client requires:

  • A copy of their clinical record
  • To obtain access to review their clinical record
  • To request a correction of their clinical record

Please note it can take up to 20 business days to release records.

The Privacy and Information Commissioner of Ontario can be also reached for questions or complaints by phoning: (613) 995-8210 | 800-282-1376