Family Service Thames Valley

Group Counselling

Group Counselling

Family Service Thames Valley offers group programs designed to help each other face a specific challenge. There are many benefits to group programs such as learning from other participants and knowing that you are not alone.

Stay tuned for updates regarding group program options.

Couples Communication Course

Be the best you can be… together!

Could it be that as a couple you are:

  • Stretched to your limit & feeling overwhelmed
  • Experiencing difficulty community with each other
  • Felling a loss of intimacy, like you’re drifting apart?
  • Having trouble making amends quickly, easily, effectively?
  • Wanting to grow old together but it doesn’t look likely right now?

You will learn & experience:

  • New & delicious couple connections
  • Keeping your romance vibrant
  • Deepening trust, respect & joy
  • New executing learnings of interpersonal neurobiology gives us exhilarating new levels of connection, satisfaction & intimacy

All Couple Configurations Welcomed.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for when the next Couple’s Communication Course registration opens.